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Custom key-value pairs

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This process enables publishers to pass custom key-value pairs in ad calls to the ad server and is supported for PubMatic API customers.

  • Publishers using the PubMatic AdServer API can pass key-value pairs in the dctr parameter. Refer to HTTP Parameters Details (SSP Ad Server) for more information.
  • Publishers using the OpenRTB 2.3 integration can pass key-value pairs in the App or Site extension objects. 
    • Web traffic (desktop or mobile): pass key-value pairs through Site.ext. Refer to Object: Site.ext for more information.
    • In-app traffic: pass key-value pairs through App.ext. Refer to Object: App.ext for more information.

Character support 

Characters ("`" ":" "{" "}" "[" "]") must be avoided from the key-value pairs.

String length limitations

StringMaximum Length
Key Length16 characters
Value Length256 characters
Key-Value Pairs Input Request50 pairs
Values per Key10 values
Input Request Key-Value Parameter Size (Size of dctr parameter)5100 characters