How countries are reported

The Geography Report, which is available as a standard report in Analytics, provides information about the distribution of your monetization across various geographical locations. The report includes analytics by country dimension, with top countries labeled specifically and others grouped in a regional category. This approach increases PubMatic's ability to process an increasing amount of data, while improving both the efficiency and stability of the analytics platform. 

Country-level reporting

The countries in the table below will specifically appear as dimensions in the Geography Report when applicable and when Country dimension is used in custom reports

See Other Countries section below for information on additional country reporting.

AustraliaHong KongPhilippines
Czech RepublicMalaysiaTaiwan
FinlandNetherlandsUnited Kingdom
FranceNew ZealandUnited States

Other countries

Countries not listed in the Country-Level Reporting table above are aggregated into an "Other" category, by the following geographic region designations:

  • Other - Africa
  • Other - Americas
  • Other - Arab States
  • Other - Asia & Pacific
  • Other - Europe

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