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PubMatic provides actionable data to make smarter business decisions. With both real-time and historical data and insights you can keep on top of your account health and build

strategies for maximizing your ROI. PubMatic highlights top metrics and KPIs directly on the Dashboard in the Real-Time Dashboard when you log in and offers robust standard and customizable analytics reports.  You can view graphs for real-time values of revenue, spend, impressions and eCPM for all your sites for the past 20 minutes. This screen also displays the top 10 Deals, Demand Sources and Audiences for the current day.

Note: Unified Ad Server (UAS) customers can find more information about the Analytics Dashboard specific to UAS customers here PubMatic Analytics Dashboard in UAS 

The Dashboard is the default page when you first log in to PubMatic. To return to the Dashboard at any time, click the PubMatic logo or select  Analytics | Dashboard .

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

PubMatic highlights top metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) directly on the PubMatic Dashboard when you log in.

From the KPI Dashboard, you can:

  • View overall account performance or view by specific site or date range.
  • View real-time data (updated every 5 seconds/displays past 20 minutes of data).
  • View and access alerts (see instructions for creating alerts).

Key Performance Indicator Formats

View KPIs for your account in two formats:

  • Line Graph
  • Pie Chart

Line Graph

In a Line Graph, data can be viewed by Revenue, Paid Impressions or eCPM.

Pie Chart

In a Pie Chart, data displays for all three KPIs (Revenue, Paid Impressions and eCPM) by Channel or by Platform.

Real-Time Dashboard

The Real Time Dashboard provides real-time performance details for your sites on a single page. You can view graphs for real-time for Revenue, Impressions and eCPM for all of your sites (or a selected site) for the past 20 minutes (updated every 5 seconds).

To view a live feed of data, move the slider for Live Data to  On . The Date Range will automatically update to reflect that it is Real Time.

Data is updated every 5 seconds/displays past 20 minutes of data.
  • To view real-time data for a specific deal, select the All Deals drop-down and select the deal from the list.
  • To clear the selection and return to viewing All Deals, select the menu again and click Clear.

Top Performers

The Dashboard displays charts for top-performing Deals, Demand Sources and Audiences.

Top Deals and Demand Sources

View Top Deals and Top Demand Sources by Revenue, Impressions or eCPM. Each can be viewed by percentage in a graph format or in a list by name. Click the icons in the upper right to change which format displays. Additionally, Demand Sources can be viewed by

Buyers, DSPs or Advertisers using the drop-down View menu.


Dashboard Alerts

Select from pre-populated alerts or create your own to notify you when certain performance thresholds are reached. Alerts can appear in the PubMatic platform and/or be sent via email. For example, an alert can be triggered when there is a specific percentage drop in revenue or eCPM or there is a change in top 10 advertisers, DSPs or buyers. Choose from 20 different reports and set their frequency for daily, weekly or monthly. The alerts appear directly on the dashboard.

  • To view or manage all alerts, click View All Alerts (below the list of alerts) or select Analytics | Alerts from the main navigation.  Alerts can be accessed from any page by clicking the  Alert  icon  in the PubMatic header. Alerts can also be configured to be sent via email.
  • To create an alert, click Create an Alert (below the list of alerts) or select Analytics | Alerts, click the Manage Alerts tab and click Create New Alert.

To learn more about creating and managing alerts, view the About Alerts section.