Get started with OpenWrap SDK ad server integration on Android

OpenWrap SDK lets you leverage PubMatic's robust platform of OpenWrap capabilities within your mobile app. Publishers who want to increase monetization and access the broadest set of exchanges and unique demand, use OpenWrap's transparent enterprise wrapper solution for Prebid. OpenWrap simplifies partner management with an intuitive UI. Enterprise grade analytics and a dedicated support team help you optimize your inventory's monetization. OpenWrap SDK takes the power of OpenWrap mobile. OpenWrap SDK provides integration strategies focused on the ad service SDK you choose to deliver ads in your app.

OpenWrap SDK supports the following ad units:

  • Banner (320x50, 300x250, 728x90, and other sizes)
  • 300x250 video (also known as in-banner video)
  • Interstitial
  • Interstitial video
  • Rewarded ad
  • You can bid 300x250 ad units as both display and video.
  • You can bid Interstitial ad units as both display and video.

Use the documentation in this space to integrate the SDK into your Android app so you can use the PubMatic platform to control, monitor, and optimize your inventory’s financial performance.

Use custom event handlers to let your app send ad requests to, then receive and render ads from, Google Ad Manager.

Use custom event handlers to let your app send ad requests to, then receive and render ads from, MoPub.

Integrate banner/interstitial/rewarded ads in your app to let OpenWrap programmatically send your ad requests, then render the delivered ads.

OpenWrap integration roadmap

Here's a high-level overview of the integration process from start to finish. Note that we've included only the items that are common across integration type.

About Android OpenWrap SDK 2.2.0 (August 12, 2021)

  • Added the following:
    • Rewarded Ad support for GAM Ad Server with handler v2.4.0.
    • Support for MoPub SDK v5.17.0 with latest handler v2.4.0.
    • Removed support of deprecated callback method onAdFailed()from POBInterstitialListener class.
    • @NonNull annotations to Banner and Interstitial ad callback methods.
    • Resolved MissingResourceException crash issue when retrieving a three-digit country code.

See the Changelog for details about earlier versions.