Editing an Audience Segment

For full instructions on Audience Segments, refer to Audience Management documentation

Edit Segment Details

After your first-party data has been imported, update the segment name, description and price. You can edit segment details individually or in bulk.

Edit Individual Segment Details

  1. Select  Audience > Audience Segments  from the main navigation.
  2. Select  Edit  from the drop-down menu in the  Actions  column for the segment to be edited.

  3. Make the required edits, then choose Save.

Edit Segments in Bulk

  1. Select Audience > Audience Segments from the main navigation.
  2. Click  Bulk Upload Segments and select  Bulk Upload Segments  from the menu.
  3. Click  Download All Segments.
  4. Add segment details and save the file.
  5. Return to  Bulk Upload Segments.
  6. Click  Choose File  and locate the saved file.
  7. Click  Upload Segments.
  8. Click  Done .

View Past Uploads

To view and correct failed uploads, use the  View Past Uploads  function. 

  1. Select  Bulk Upload Segments > View Past Uploads.
  2. Click  Failed  from the  Actions  column to view the failed upload.
  3. Correct the errors, save the file and upload it using the instructions above for Bulk Edit Segments.
  4. Click  Done  when complete.

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