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Before using PubMatic APIs, first generate the API Token. For more information, refer to  Getting Started with PubMatic APIs .  
Note: This document supports a set of APIs for older integrations.

The below-mentioned parameter indicates the AdTruth device recognition attributes associated with the visitor’s device.


adtruth_rtb_jsonNo, it will be sent in the POST section of the request.No

PubMatic supports the AdTruth device recognition technology which provides a privacy-safe cookie alternative across desktop, mobile web and mobile apps.
This parameter packages the multiple attributes that demand partners will require to utilize the AdTruth DeviceInsight identifier.  The attributes included in the json package are:

  • tdl_millis - Time Difference Linking, which allows for differentiation between similarly-configured devices that might share a DeviceInsight identifier.
  • RECIPE VERSION_x: [DeviceInsightId] - The specific AdTruth device identification recipe version and the corresponding DeviceInsight identifier. There might be multiple AdTruth recipe versions. Currently we support two recipes – “WEB_APP_BRIDGE_4_0” and “UNIVERSAL_4_6_1”.

AdTruth RTB JSON will not get passed/shared with the DSP if the user has opted out of the PubMatic system.
Maximum length in bytes:- 256 bytes
Please refer the below example.


Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: <length>
  "adtruth_rtb_json": {
    "tdl_millis": <TDL>,
    "<RECIPE VERSION_ENUM1>": "<DeviceInsightId1>",
    "<RECIPE VERSION_ENUM2>": "<DeviceInsightId2>" (Optional)
    "<RECIPE VERSION_ENUMn>": "<DeviceInsightIdn>" (Optional)

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