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Integration Plan 

The PubMatic integration plan uses the following steps:

  1. Review and implement the RTB API specification.
  2. Complete the Technical Questionnaire.
  3. Plan your integration timeline.
  4. Perform Integration Testing.
  5. Release.

Step 1: Review the API Specification

Review the API Specification for technical clarifications.

Step 2: Complete the Technical Questionnaire

Request the Technical Questionnaire from your PubMatic Customer Success Manager. Return the completed form via email.

Step 3: Plan Your Integration Timeline

Share your timeline for the following with your Customer Success Manager:

  • API Service Implementation
  • Integration Testing
  • Planned API Integration Release Date 

Step 4: Perform Integration Testing


  1. Technical Questionnaire should be completed and returned at least 2 weeks prior to integration testing.
  2. Unit tested API Service should be available
  3. Working creative URL/ad tag (PSA ads are good enough)


  1. Functionality:
    - test with correct request/response
    - test with invocation of Creative URL/ad tag to see whether ad loads correctly
    - test the click tracking mechanism
    - test the reports to validate the calls made, revenue (bid values), clicks made
  2. Performance:
    - test request/response timing (should be <75ms)
  3. Load:
    - test with multiple request/response in parallel (upto peak load of ~1800 requests per second as of now)
  4. Exception:
    - test with missing/mal framed/delayed request, response

Planned Testing Phases

  1. Phase 1 [request, response, parameters validation]
    - Test only request/response format and validation of all mandatory parameters.
    - No real impressions/bid value involved.
    - This can happen even on a non-production server once your software is ready.
    - timeline : 1-2 days
    - less than 5,000 imps per day
  2. Phase 2 [with test impressions, test ads]
    - Test on production server with test impressions
    - Test feature, performance, timeout, throughput and load
    - Validate the API, ad serving, cookie, tracking mechanism at both ends
    - timeline : 2-3 days
    - 50K Impressions each with 50,100,200,300 requests in parallel
  3. Phase 3 [test with real impressions, real ads, Demand Partner pays for the impressions]
    - test on production server with real impressions [low volume]
    - test feature, performance, timeout, throughput and load
    - validate the ad serving, cookie, tracking mechanism at both ends
    - verify the reporting figures at both ends
    - timeline : 3 days of testing and 2-3 days for validation of reports
      [Demand Partner pays for the winning impressions]
    - less than 100,000 imps per day

Step 5: Release

After successful API Integration Testing, PubMatic shall release the API service for Integration with RTB traffic from PubMatic.

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