Create a Custom Audience

For access to the Custom Audience feature, contact your PubMatic Account Manager.  

You can create simple and complex audiences right in the Media Buyer Console UI. This allows you to create and group exactly the right audience for your ad campaign. 

Follow these steps to create a custom audience. 

  1. Select Audience > Audiences.
  2. Choose Create Custom Audience
  3. Name the audience and enter a description (optional).
  4. Select an audience(s) from the menu to create a simple or complex audience:
    • Simple audience: Select an audience from the drop-down menu then go to step 6. 
    • Complex audience: Select an audience then choose +Add another audience to add additional audiences. Choose +Add Group to create multiple groups of audiences. 

      Complex audience limitations: 
      • Limit of five simple audiences per complex audience
      • Limit of one complex audience per deal
      • Complex audiences can't be shared

  5. If you're creating a complex audience, select the appropriate operators for the audiences and groups. Use the table below for guidance:

    OperatorDescriptionAffect on scale

    Both audiences/groups must be included in demand.

    Reduces scale

    Both audiences/groups can be included in demand.

    Adds scale

    The audiences/groups are not included in the demand.

    Reduces scale

6. Enter a Data CMP.

7. Click Create Custom Audience