FAQ: Inventory Discovery Tool

What is PubMatic’s Inventory Discovery Tool? 

PubMatic’s Inventory Discovery Tool gives users a deeper understanding of the estimated available inventory that meets their selected KPI needs from the past 15 days on our platform. By using the Inventory Discovery Tool on their own or in partnership with their account manager, users can optimize their planning strategy to target lesser-known publishers and domains, all while discovering unique placement opportunities they may never have considered.  It’s an ideal way to uncover brand safe, quality inventory that’s targeted to several pre-determined specifications such as publishers, integration types, directness, formats, platforms, geographies, viewability metrics, categories, and more.   

What are the key benefits of this tool? 

We’re glad you asked! There are quite a few. 

  1. The Inventory Discovery Tool helps buyers plan smartly: 

    • Users can uncover unique inventory opportunities to build deals in brand-safe, quality environments.  

    • Users can preview availability against their KPIs to predict whether their deal’s criteria will perform adequately. 

    • Users can optimize their media plan to secure the greatest availability targeted to achieve their specific campaign KPIs. 

    • Users can develop deeper strategies to plan across differentiated environments and formats. 

    • Users can pair the tool with PubMatic’s Deal Summary tool to reach the largest audience possible across the digital ecosystem. 

  2. The Inventory Discovery Tool helps users discover the perfect inventory: 

They can select their preferred metrics to identify available inventory on PubMatic’s platform via specifications such as: 

    • Publisher 

    • Integration Type 

    • Directness 

    • Ad Formats 

    • Platform 

    • Country 

    • Viewability 

    • IAB Categories

    • Video Size, placement, length, skippable 

They can discover omnichannel media – including video, display, mobile app, mobile web, and CTV. 

3. The Inventory Discovery Tool delivers personalized reporting. 

    • Users can secure customized reports to find the most unique inventory against their specified dimensions and metrics, including: 

    • Publisher  

    • Domain 

    • Country 

    • Ad Format 

    • Platform 

    • Total Request 

    • eCPM 

    • Viewability % 

4. The Inventory Discovery Tool helps users create deals easily. 

    • Users can transfer the list of avails they receive from their account manager into PubMatic’s All-in-One-Place Media Buyer Console to get their deals live in minutes. 

When will this feature be available? 

It is now live for use in the Media Buyer Console. 

Can I use this feature on my own? 

Yes. You may use this feature on your own or in partnership with your account manager. 

Is it guaranteed that this inventory will be available? 

No. This gives a high-level look into the inventory that was available on PubMatic’s platform over the most recent 15 days. It’s likely similar inventory may be available, but we cannot guarantee it.  Additionally, there are various auction dynamics that play a role. For instance, various blocks by publishers or DSPs, QPS caps, and other elements may affect the results. 

What use cases would I want this for? 

  1. You have a unique inventory request that a pre-existing deal ID cannot reach. 

  2. You are looking for all available inventory across multiple formats within a specific publisher’s list of properties. 

  3. You want to know if we have enough inventory to meet their campaign KPIs and what it might cost. 

In each of these situations, the inventory discovery tool should help find unique inventory fast and will give greater insight into whether a deal will perform as expected.   

How often should we expect the avails to significantly change? 

Pretty often. The results may differ greatly depending on country, seasonality, and other circumstances beyond our control. 

Are there cases where the results sometimes may not match the actual available inventory? 

Yes. This is a look at inventory that has been available recently. Elements such as the DSP you’re working with, the publisher’s current content, auction dynamics, and other external factors may affect the actual available inventory. 

What does the “Not Defined” selection in the platform include? 

This means we could not categorize the platform in our system.  All inventory that has not been categorized will fall within this selection. 

When I compare the numbers with IAB Category targeting versus without IAB Category targeting, there is a difference in the number of domains and the total avails showing up. Why is this? 

Some inventory may not be categorized according to IAB standards. Therefore, you may see some differences here. 

When I compare the numbers with viewability and without viewability, I receive a significantly lower number than I expected. Why is this? 

The tool looks for viewability at the domain/app level. The number of eligible domains/apps is dependent on the threshold you have selected. Also, note that some digital properties are not eligible for viewability measurement and hence will be excluded when you choose viewability. 

Included digital properties: 

  • Web video inventory that supports VPAID 

  • InApp video inventory that supports OMSDK 

  • Web/InApp display inventory that supports JS (most of display inventory) 

Note that Google OB web video inventory is excluded from viewability measurement due to VPAID errors. 


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