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PubMatic's Media Buyer Console (MBC) Analytics provides actionable data that enables you to make smarter business decisions. With both real-time and historical data and insights, you can stay on top of your account health and build strategies for maximizing your ROI. 

MBC Analytics enables buyers to:

  • View real-time dashboard for all your sites' inventory monetized through the PubMatic system.
  • Build your own reports by selecting dimensions and metrics and applying filters.
  • View system-provided Existing Reports for most-common statistics. You can also modify the parameters of these saved reports to generate different views.
  • Schedule Reports to be generated and sent automatically to recipients' email address.
  • Get Alerts for opportunities and issues that require your attention.
  • View the competitive benchmarking of your inventory performance as compared to other similar publishers.

In addition to the Analytics section of the PubMatic platform, you can also view analytics KPIs, Top Performers and Alerts directly from the PubMatic Dashboard. Refer to PubMatic Dashboard to learn more.

Navigating Analytics

Select Analytics from the main navigation menu and continue with one of the following options:

  • The Dashboard provides actionable historic and real-time insights, KPIs, and alerts that enables you to track account health and build strategies for maximizing ROI. 
  • Existing reports are commonly-used analytics reports that PubMatic has created and saved for easy access. An exiting report can be used as it is or edited and customized to fit your reporting needs.
  • The Report builder enables you to build custom reports that can be saved, emailed, and scheduled for recurring delivery.
  • The Funnel report enables publishers to troubleshoot deals at every level of an impression, allowing you to quickly isolate bottlenecks and improve monetization and performance.

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