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This document applies to deals created from offers discovered in MBC's Inventory Discovery, not creating buyer-initiated Targeted deals.


The PubMatic Media Buyer Console makes it easy to find, bid on and track the performance of your programmatic advertising. A few simple steps will get you started with your deals.

Once you're up and running, the Deal Health page provides full visibility into the performance of your deals and specific recommendations to optimize performance. Additionally, you can use PubMatic Analytics for real-time insights into your deal performance and to identify opportunities for optimization and improvement.

Accessing the Media Buyer Console

  1. Access the URL:
  2. Log in using your PubMatic credentials. 

Getting Started: Finding Offers and Creating Deals

Finding Offers

Your first step is to find publisher offers that meet your marketing objectives. You can find inventory in the Inventory Discovery page, which provides simple, but powerful features to filter, search and browse all available offers. You can even receive an alert for your filtered criteria when inventory that matches that criteria becomes available.

Inventory Discovery is the default home page of MBC. It can also be accessed by selecting Inventory | Inventory Discovery from the main navigation.

Using Search

Begin typing the name of the offer or publisher and the list will be filtered by relevant inventory.

Using Filters

Filters enable you to refine the display of offers specific IAB categories, platforms, publishers, buyer audiences, etc.  Set your filters in the Filter Selection pane on the left. If there is a filter combination you want to reuse again, save the filter for future use. 

Select Filters

  1. Select desired filters from the Filters pane.

    Click Clear to remove all selections to start over, if needed.
  2. Click Apply Filter.

Save a Filter Selection

  1. After selecting and applying filters, click Save New Filter.
  2. Add a descriptive name and click Save.
  3. To use a saved filter, select it from the Saved Filters drop-down menu at the top of the Filter pane.

To manage saved filters, follow the instructions in Managing Saved Filters in MBC 

Set up Alert Emails

  1. During the process of saving a filter, select the checkbox next to Send Email Alerts.
  2. Select up to 15 users from the Send to: list, adding additional email addresses in the box provided, if needed.
  3. Click Save.

Viewing Offer Details

Inventory Discovery displays all available offers in a list view. The list view provides high-level details for each offer and allows immediate deal transactions.

  • To view Deal detailsclick on the Offer name and the details will expand below it. Click again to collapse the details.
  • To view more data, where indicated, click the See All or View details link.

Creating a Deal

Once you find a publisher's offer that meets your needs, you can immediately create a deal by adding the offer.

  1. Click Add Offer  next to the offer you want to add.
  2. Add a Deal Name and configure other options as needed.
  3. Click Add.
    The offer will be added to the shopping cart, awaiting details.
  4. Click the Shopping Cart icon to view the deal details.
  5. Configure the deal details:
  • Deal ID: Up to 64 characters
  • Buyer(s): Note that selecting a buyer automatically loads its associated email addresses into the Buyer Contact information in the Primary Contact fields for you to choose from. If you would prefer to select addresses individually, deselect each with the "x" or select Clear All.
  • Primary Contact: Click in the box to select from the populated list of email addresses. Click the email addresses that should receive notification of the proposed deal.
  • Additional Contacts: Enter the email addresses for additional contacts not included in the Primary Contact list.
  • Whitelist Advertiser: Select Yes or No. If Yes is selected, additional options will display for Advertiser Categories, Advertisers or
  • Advertiser Domains: You must select a response for at least one of these options, which will determine the whitelisting behavior.
  • Comments: Add information that would be helpful to communicate with the Publisher.

  1. Click Send Deals in the lower right to send the deal to the publisher.
  2. To edit or remove an offer from a deal, use the Edit or Remove from cart ink below the offer in the list.