Parent buyer Auction Package deals

What is a parent buyer?

A parent buyer is a high-level account with multiple child buyer accounts. It works as follows:

  1. An agency can log into the Media Buyer Console and create an auction package deal for one of its many child buyer accounts. 
  2. Once created, the parent buyer can see the list of buyers associated with the Auction Package deal.
  3. The parent buyer can view, edit, resume, and pause the Auction Package deal. And the child buyer can only view, resume, and pause the deal.
  4. An icon is displayed next to the deal name in the Deals list page, indicating this deal was created by the parent account for the child account. 

Create a parent buyer Auction Package deal

Follow these instructions to create an Auction Package deal for a child buyer account.

In the Media Buyer Console, select Deals > Deals > Create Auction Package Deal. Then follow the guidance below to complete each section in the UI. 

Deal Information

Deal Information fields are described in this table.



Deal Name

PubMatic suggests this naming convention: Buyer-DSP-InventoryDescription-StartDate(MMDDYY)

For example: GroupM-TTD-HighViewability-071821

Transaction Dates

There are two options:

  • Select a Start Date and End Date.

  • Select a Start Date and Ongoing. The deal will run until you pause it.


Select the DSPs for this auction package deal.

If you select multiple DSPs:

You will only see the buyers mapped to all of the DSPs you select.


Select up to 100 Buyers.

Keep in mind:

  • You will only be able to select certain buyers.
  • Child buyers can't edit the DSP or change the buyer.

Always on

This flag allows PubMatic to apply a default auction fee for publishers using the auction fee pricing model. Multi-publisher ongoing deals originated by PubMatic, DSPs, or agencies are usually always-on deals.


See Auction Package targeting for guidance on targeting set up.

Inventory Summary

The Inventory Summary provides information about the deal's publishers in real-time. 

Block publishersThis option only is available if you selected Maximum Reach for the publisher in Inventory targeting. The PubMatic system will automatically add a new publisher when you block a publisher.
Remove publishersThis option is only available if you uploaded or manually selected the publishers in Inventory targeting. The PubMatic system will automatically add a new publisher when you block a publisher.
Banner FloorThis column displays the default CPM banner floor price set by the publisher. Use this to help you determine your bidding strategy.   
Video Floor

This column displays the default CPM video floor price set by the publisher. Use this to help you determine your bidding strategy.

Default Priority

The default priority is set by the publisher.

Priority settings are based on channel type (lowest=P16, highest=P1), as follows:

  • PMP Guaranteed: P5 - P7 (default is P5)
  • PMP Preferred: P8 - P10 (default is P10)
  • PMP: P11 - P15 (default is P15)
  • OpenRTB/auction packages:  P16
  • Reserved for Publisher Direct I/Os = P1-P4

Real-time impression availability

As targeting selections are made, Impression availability will update in real time.

The total number of impressions available is calculated using the historical impression number over the last 30 days for the following deal settings:

  • Publisher
  • Ad Format
  • Platform
  • Geography (country only)
  • Audience

The forecasting does not consider any other targeting criteria selected for the deal. For example, if you chose to exclude Audience targeting, then Audience is not considered either.

Max Total Available Impressions refers to the number of ad requests PubMatic has received from publishers in the last 30 days.

  • Data is not available at the DMA, Region or City level.

  • More than one audience may be selected, but the number of impressions available might be inflated due to duplicate impressions across audiences.

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