Schedule a Recurring Report

Analytics reports can be sent via email on a recurring basis from either the Standard or Custom Reports tab. Each report can have multiple schedules. For example, if some recipients only need the data monthly but others need it daily, you can easily create two different schedules. 

Custom reports can also be sent immediately to users within your PubMatic account. To learn more, see Sharing an Analytics Report .

Schedule a report

Follow these steps to schedule a report.

  1. In the PubMatic UI, select Analytics > Existing Reports. This takes you to the Reports page.
  2. In the column on left, click the Actions menu icon and select Create Schedule.
  3. Complete the Report Schedules form.
  • Email Address: Separate multiple email addresses with a comma.
  • Frequency: Once a frequency is selected, related fields will display:
    • Daily: Select time of day the report should be sent.
    • Weekly: Select the day of the week and time the report will be sent (time must be after 11 a.m. to ensure data availability)
    • Monthly: Select the day of the month and time the report will be sent (time must be after 11 a.m. to ensure data availability).
  • Subject: This will appear in the subject line of the email.
  • Comments: This will appear the body of the email.
  • Email as: Select the format for the report.
  • Delete Schedule: Select this to delete the scheduled report.

4. Click Save.

Scheduled reports with Daily and Weekly frequency will be set to expire 90 days after creation. An option to extend the report expiry with a click will be available at-least 3 weeks before expiry of the report in Publisher UI and in the scheduled report emails you receive in inbox. Post report expiry, you can re-create the same report by going to Publisher UI, if needed.

To create an additional schedule for a report, click the Active Schedules button in the Schedule column and select Create a New Schedule.

Edit or delete a scheduled report

Follow these steps to edit or delete an active schedule.

  1. In the column on left, click the Actions menu icon and select Edit Schedule.
  2. You can edit, renew, or delete the report schedule.
  3. Click Save when you're ready. 

Renew a scheduled report

Scheduled reports with a frequency of daily and weekly will automatically expire after 90 days. A red exclamation point will appear in the Type column when the report is close to expiring. Hover over the exclamation point and select click here to review and renew expiring reports.  

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