Site Group Tools in MBC

About Site Groups

While creating a campaign in the PubMatic Media Buyer Console (MBC), a demand partner may want to target the Web sites of multiple publishers, for example, based on the type of content they display or the type of visitors they attract. In such cases, the demand partner needs to search each of these sites and add them individually to the campaign. In addition, if they want to create multiple such campaigns, then it is a manually-intensive process for the demand partner to add all such sites to multiple campaigns.

To reduce this manual process, you can group all such Web sites together and then add this group to the campaign. The Site Groups interface allows you to add, view, modify and delete site groups. 

Note: This option may not be available to all Media Buyer Console users.

To Access Site Groups:

  1. Log in to the Media Buyer Console.
  2. Select Tools > Site Groups  from the main navigation.