Ad refresh for OpenWrap

What is ad refresh?

Ad refresh is the process of reloading display ads on a page after the first auction has delivered and rendered creatives. Publishers use ad refresh to boost the number of impressions served and increase revenue

OpenWrap's ad refresh feature is a customizable feature that allows publishers to reload ads on their pages. It can rerun both OpenWrap and GAM auctions and can also be used to manage TAM auctions with slight code modifications on the page.  

Who should enable ad refreshes?

Ad refresh is available to any publisher using OpenWrap version 5.x onwards. Supported Integration: All web-based integrations (client-side, server-side, hybrid) are supported. 

Common use cases where OpenWrap ad refresh can be beneficial: 

  • Users spend a significant amount of time on your pages and you are currently not refreshing ads

  • You have ad refresh enabled but it does not refresh OpenWrap or TAM auctions. 

  • Your viewability scores are subpar and you don't want to refresh nonviewable ad slots. 

  • Your viewability scores are subpar and lazy-loading has not helped improve scores.  

  • You need advanced ad refresh logic that's not supported by your solution. For example, 

    • Refreshing only select ad slots 

    • Limit the number of refreshes 

    • Refresh only viewable ad slots 

    • Customize time interval between ad refreshes

When should I not enable ad refresh?

  • If time spent on page averages to less than a few seconds (in the single digits), then ad refresh is not for you.

  • If you already have another tech provider or an internal solution refreshing ads on your inventory, then do not enable this feature. Please make sure you deactivate all other ad refresh functionality before you use OpenWrap’s ad refresh feature 

  • You have contractual limitations where ads can't be refreshed when a direct campaign wins the auction.

Enable ad refresh

Before enabling ad refreshes 

  1. Make sure you do not have another ad refreshing feature active on your site.  
  2. Make sure your OpenWrap profile is updated to at least version 5.x or higher.
  3. Understand what your ad refresh settings should be or how the default settings behave.

Enabling ad refresh is a two-step process.  

Step 1: Enable the ad refresh module.  

Step 2: Add this code snippet to the code editor in the OpenWrap Library (PWT.js) module.

Basic snippet using default settings
PWT.HookForPrebidSetConfig = function(config) {         config.pubmaticAutoRefresh = {             enabled: true         };}; 

Advanced configurations 

Configuration options, default settings, and code examples. 

Enabling Ad Refreshes with TAM and OpenWrap on the page 

Details to be added after at least one beta test is executed. 

Reporting for ad refreshes 

GAM Reporting: OpenWrap’s ad refresh module will pass additional targeting keys to GAM. These keys can be used to identify ad refreshed inventory and create GAM reports with all available KPIs.  

OpenWrap ReportingOpenWrap UI reporting for ad refreshes will be released in near future.

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