Monetize AMP Traffic with Prebid Server

This page provides high-level instructions for publishers who wish to monetize AMP traffic with Prebid Server.

Publishers do not need an OpenWrap profile in the PubMatic platform to monetize AMP traffic.

  1. Add a site and create ad tags in the PubMatic platform. Navigate to the PubMatic UI, select Inventory > Sites and Tags

    See Adding Sites and Tags in the Publisher UI for detailed instructions.

  2. Configure the Slot Mapping criteria

    Steps 3 and 4 link to external Prebid Server documentation.

  3. Configure a Prebid Server callout on the AMP page (skip this step if it's already done).
  4. Add PubMatic to the Prebid stored bid requests for AMP.

You're ready to start monetizing AMP traffic with Prebid Server.