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Publishers who want to increase monetization and access the broadest set of exchanges and unique demand, use OpenWrap's transparent enterprise wrapper solution for Prebid. OpenWrap simplifies partner management with an intuitive UI. Enterprise grade analytics and a dedicated support team help you optimize your inventory's monetization.

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OpenWrap is PubMatic's (Prebid as a Service) wrapper solution, providing the benefits of Prebid without the high costs of integration and maintenance.  

OpenWrap provides an assortment of options including: Being built on the Prebid code base, centralized access to bidder partners, access to prebid versions and major ID providers. 

Integration is simple and there’s just one line of code to place on your webpage.

Watch this brief video to learn more and talk with your PubMatic account manager.

OpenWrap Benefits

  • Open source: A Prebid first wrapper solution, ensure transparency, independence, and scale – with enterprise-scale UI and analyticsOp
  • Increase monetization: Access to a broad set of demand partners and unique demand
  • Ad format support: A single solution that supports the most ad formats today
  • Hybrid client-side and server-to-server: Management capabilities in one solution
  • Simplify operations: Intuitive UI, updates, and configuration in a UI, reduce dev resources, account and technical support
  • Robust reporting and analytics: Centralized reporting for all demand partners, actionable insights

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To learn more about OpenWrap and other PubMatic open-source integrations, refer to: PubMatic Integrations

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