OpenWrap server-side error codes





Slot not mapped

This error is returned when a slot name (like adunit@size) is not mapped in the wrapper.
2Missing Configuration ErrorThis error is returned when tagid/divid is missing in the request.
3Timeout ErrorThis error is returned when prebid fails to respond in a given time. (No response from Prebid Server)
This error also comes in cases where server-side times out.
4No Bid from PrebidWhen a partner returns no bid. This error is returned by prebid
If there is no bid for a partner in the prebid's response we form a default bid with error this error.

Partner Timed out

This error comes when a particular partner does not respond in a given time. This error is returned by prebid library.
6Invalid ConfigurationThis error comes in case of wrong publisher id/ profile id/ version id combination is being sent in the request.

Invalid Creative

This error indicates that the creative returned by a partner is not in the required format. For e.g. the creative returned for a video request is not a VAST.

Cache PUT Failed

This error is returned when the operation to push a creative to cache fails.
11All partners throttledThis error comes when all the partners configured for a profile are throttled at runtime
12Partner throttledThis error comes for a partner when it is throttled at runtime

Banner/Video disabled through config

This error occurs when Banner and/or Video bidding has been disabled for a slot via the Ad Unit configuration file which results in Banner and Video objects being removed from the request, thereby turning the impression invalid. An impression in the request should have at least one of the two objects, Banner and Video, present.