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The PubMatic platform provides three ways to pull bulk-data for analysis:

  1. API
    The PubMatic Analytics API lets you view and interact with data insights to improve ad performance. You can easily integrate PubMatic APIs using simple HTTP GET requests to the PubMatic Analytics API Server. Mandatory and optional parameters in the query string such as dimensions, metrics, and filters let you control the scope of the JSON results PubMatic returns. The API provides methods that let you query bulk-data in three categories:

    1. Publisher: use to constrain queries to a specific publisher's data.
    2. Buyer: use to constrain queries to a specific buyer's data.
    3. DSP: use to constrain queries to a specific DSP's data.

      Before using PubMatic APIs…

      First generate the API Token. For more information, see Getting Started with PubMatic APIs.

  2. Topic
    Ideal for large data pulls. This pull method is limited to one topic query at a time.

  3. WebHook
    Similar to Topic, but WebHook provides more flexibility because it can retrieve bulk-data for multiple topics.

    After You Register to Use PubMatic's WebHook Service…

    You can submit queries using an HTTP GET. Once the query is complete, the WebHook service uses HTTP POST to submit a download link for query results to your end-point, or an error report if your query fails. WebHook supports all dimensions and metrics supported by the API and Topic data pulls.

Accounts sending more than 2000 requests per day may get throttled…

Contact your PubMatic account manager, if you need to send more than 2000 requests a day.