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The Private Marketplace (PMP) API specification provides information on how to use these APIs to retrieve details about the various private marketplace settings available in the PubMatic system.


Note the following points before you start using the API:

  • Data beyond 90 days is not available; so please provide date range only for within the last 90 days.
  • All the data is currently available only in US dollars ($).

Before you start

This section provides information on the preliminary requirements before you start using the PMP APIs. It includes the following steps:

  • Follow instructions in Getting Started with PubMatic APIs to register for and obtain a PubMatic Access token 
  • PartnerType and partnerId query parameters are optional. You need to provide the partnerId in each of the request URI, if you are associated with more than one publisher/DSP/ATD. To get your partnerId please contact
  • Each API URI contains a placeholder called {uri-prefix}. The value of this {uri-prefix} depends on the environment. Please contact to get value for {uri-prefix} for Production environment.

    Note: For Sandbox environment, the value of {uri-prefix} is