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Error Messages

When the Inventory API returns error messages, it does so in following JSON format:

         "errorCode": "IU_001_0001",
         "errorMessage": "Invalid product ID"
         "errorCode": "IU_001_0002",
         "errorMessage": "Invalid user ID"


Error Codes

In addition to descriptive error text, error messages contain specific error codes. While the text for an error message may change, the codes will stay the same.


Following is a list of common error codes:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Error CodesError Messages
IU_001_0001Invalid product ID.
IU_001_0002Invalid user ID.
IU_001_0003Invalid name.
IU_001_0004Invalid owner ID.
IU_001_0005Invalid product type specified.
IU_001_0006Error in deleting product entities.
IU_001_0008Invalid description.
IU_001_0017Invalid or null value for Owner Type field.
IU_001_0018Product name cannot be null or empty.
IU_001_0019Product name cannot exceed 250 characters.
IU_001_0023Internal error in validating selected Ad Tags.
IU_001_0024Selected AdTags are invalid.
IU_001_0026Selected sites are invalid or Given sites do not belong to the input platforms.
IU_001_0030Failed to locate a dozer file.
IU_001_0031Error in fetching publisher site details.
IU_001_0033Invalid product entity IDs.
IU_001_0037Invalid Product category IDs passed.
IU_001_0038Invalid Ad Size IDs passed.
IU_001_0039Invalid Fold Placement IDs passed.
IU_001_0051Invalid Publisher section IDs passed.
IU_001_0052Unable to retrieve details for adtag.
IU_001_0053Unable to filter adtags.
IU_001_0054No AdTags found for the matching filters.
IU_001_0055Internal error in validating AdTags.
IU_001_0056Invalid Resource Type found for logged in user.
IU_001_0061Error in fetching product details.
IU_001_0062No product found for given product ID.
IU_001_0063User does not have access to update product.
IU_001_0066No sites are associated for given user.
IU_001_0068The package creation failed since the package contains both Banner and Video ad tags.
IU_001_0070Product name already exists. Please use another name.
IU_001_0071Invalid Ad Code Type IDs passed.
IU_001_0072At least one site or Ad Tag should be selected.
IU_001_0073Invalid Product name. Following characters are not allowed : |!{}[]^"~*?:;+\
IU_001_0074Invalid Product description. Following characters are not allowed : |!{}[]^"~*?:;+\
IU_001_0075Product creation failed.
IU_001_0076Product description cannot exceed 250 characters.
IU_001_0077Invalid Site group inclusion IDs passed.
IU_001_0078Invalid Site group exclusion IDs passed.
IU_001_0079Product update failed.
IU_001_0080Product cannot be updated as it is being used in a transaction entity.
IU_001_0081Transaction count cannot be decremented as it is already Zero.
IU_001_0082Used count cannot be decremented as it is already Zero.
IU_001_0083Both sites and Ad Tags cannot be specified.
IU_001_0084Error in fetching Ad Tags for Sites.
IU_001_0085No AdTag found for the given filters.
IU_001_0087ID cannot be given in the input while Creating/Updating a product.
IU_001_0088Invalid site names.
IU_001_0089Site names cannot exceed 255 characters.
IU_001_0090Invalid Site names specified.
IU_001_0091Invalid Tags.
IU_001_0092Tags cannot exceed 255 characters.
IU_001_0093Invalid Tags specified. Only alpha-numeric characters are allowed.
IU_001_0095Error in validating Platforms.
IU_001_0096Invalid Platforms passed.
IU_001_0097Invalid VAST versions passed.
IU_001_0098Invalid Minimum Ad duration passed.
IU_001_0099Invalid Maximum Ad duration passed.
IU_001_0100Maximum Ad duration cannot be less than Minimum Ad duration.
IU_001_0101Invalid VPAID compliance versions passed.
IU_001_0102Publisher ID filter is not applicable for this user.
IU_001_0103Incorrect loggedInOwnerTypeId provided in search operation for Admin
IU_001_0104Display URL cannot be null or empty.
IU_001_0105Product category cannot be null or empty.
IU_001_0106Video filters
IU_001_0107Each site should contain at least one active ad tag.
IU_001_0108Multiple Channel types selected or channel type is other than PMP.
IU_001_0109Platform filter cannot be applied, if ALL sites are selected.
IU_001_0110Ad Tag filters cannot be applied, if ALL ad tags are selected.
PP_001_0001Error in fetching Publisher details.
PRD_001_0001Error while listing products.
CC03_0008Admin or multiple resource access users need to provide account details. Pass ownerId and ownerType in request body.
CC03_0007Multiple associated resources found during search operation. Pass loggedInOwnerId and loggedInOwnerTypeId in query parameters.
PKG_002_0001Null value for package.
PKG_002_0002Invalid value for Package ID.
PKG_002_0003Invalid value for ID.
PKG_002_0004Invalid value for Package Owner Type.
PKG_002_0005Invalid value for Package Owner ID.
PKG_002_0006Error while fetching data for product.
PKG_002_0007No data available for given product.
PKG_002_0008Package owner type is not same as that of inventory unit owner.
PKG_002_0009Package owner is not same as that of inventory unit.
PKG_002_0010Error occurred while saving the package.
PKG_002_0011Offer name is not provided.
PKG_002_0012End date is not provided for package.
PKG_002_0013Start date is not provided for package.
PKG_002_0014Owner type is not provided for package.
PKG_002_0015Owner id is not provided for package.
PKG_002_0016Entity type ID is required to create relation between entity and package.
PKG_002_0017Package ID is required to create relation between entity and package.
PKG_002_0018Entity ID is required to create relation between entity and package.
PKG_002_0019Package ID is required to create relation between package and channel.
PKG_002_0020Channel ID is required to create relation between package and channel.
PKG_002_0021Description is required to create package. It is not provided.
PKG_002_0022Positive eCPM must be provided for a package.
PKG_002_0023Positive impressions must be provided for a package.
PKG_002_0024Error occurred while getting package details.
PKG_002_0025Invalid user ID is passed.
PKG_002_0026Invalid ID passed for the package. It is required to edit it.
PKG_002_0027End date is not provided for the package.
PKG_002_0028End date cannot be before Start date.
PKG_002_0029Internal error occurred. Please contact
PKG_002_0030No data available for package with given ID.
PKG_002_0031Start date cannot be modified once it is already passed. Consider shortning the end date.
PKG_002_0032Error in package update operation.
PKG_002_0033IU ID cannot be changed.
PKG_002_0034Owner ID and type for the package cannot be changed.
PKG_002_0035No associated resources found for the user.
PKG_002_0036Required package data was not received with the request.
PKG_002_0037Package category is not passed in the request. It is required.
PKG_002_0038Error occurred while deleting package.
PKG_002_0039Positive minimum spend must be provided for a package.
PKG_002_0040Maximum length allowed for name is 256 characters.
PKG_002_0041Maximum length allowed for description is 512 characters.
PKG_002_0042Package category cannot be less than 1. Please assign 1 (Not Applicable) if don't want any category assigned to this package.
PKG_002_0043Notes cannot have more than 45 characters.
PKG_002_0044KeyWords cannot have more than 255 characters.
PKG_002_0045Maximum eCPM allowed is 999.99.
PKG_002_0046End date is already gone.
PKG_002_0047Maximum length allowed for logo path is 256 characters.
PKG_002_0048Invalid user type.
PKG_002_0049Start date is already gone.
PKG_002_0050Invalid value for keywords.
PKG_002_0051Please pass valid resource type for the user.
PKG_002_0052Error in fetching publishers having packages.
PKG_002_0053Invalid Offer name.
PKG_002_0054Error occurred while setting Offer owner information.
PKG_002_0055Offer name already exists. Please use another name.
PKG_002_0056Error occurred while validating Offer Category.
PKG_002_0057Invalid Offer category.
PKG_002_0058Product ID is not passed.
PKG_002_0059eCPM can have values between $0 to $999.99 only.
PKG_002_0060Value for Offer Spend cannot be not less than $0.
PKG_002_0061Value for Offer Minimum Spend cannot be not less than $0.
PKG_002_0062Invalid Currency ID passed.
PKG_002_0063End date for Offer not specified.
PKG_002_0064Invalid start date passed. Start date cannot be earlier than today.
PKG_002_0065Invalid start and end dates. End date cannot be earlier than start date.
PKG_002_0066Invalid Offer name. Following characters are not allowed : |!{}[]^"~*?:;+\\
PKG_002_0067Invalid Offer description. Following characters are not allowed : |!{}[]^"~*?:;+\\
PKG_002_0068Keywords can have upto 255 characters only.
PKG_002_0069Invalid keywords specified. Only alpha-numeric characters are allowed. Multiple keywords should be comma separated.
PKG_002_0070Start date for Offer not specified.
PKG_002_0071Invalid end date passed. End date cannot be earlier than today.
PKG_002_0072Invalid DSP IDs passed.
PKG_002_0073Invalid Buyer IDs passed.
PKG_002_0074Please mention Offer Start and End Dates.
PKG_002_0075Targeting ID is not passed.
PKG_002_0076Error occurred while validating Product ID.
PKG_002_0077Value for Impressions cannot be not less than 0.
PKG_002_0078Invalid Product ID passed.
PKG_002_0079Error occurred while validating Targeting ID.
PKG_002_0080Invalid Targeting ID passed.
PKG_002_0081Invalid Timezone ID passed.
PKG_002_0082Error while fetching offer information. Incorrect number of active Offer versions found.
PKG_002_0083Error while fetching offer version information.