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After you have configured Open Wrap by setting a partner, creating and configuring profiles, then uploading and mapping Ad Units, you must configure the Line Items in UAS. The following sections walk you through that process.

UAS Configuration for Open Wrap

Use the following steps to set up the corresponding Line Items in UAS:  

    1. Create a "Wrapper" Line Item type in your accounts, within the expected order.  See How to create Line Item for more details. 
    2. Now that you have successfully created a Line Item, add the code snippet below to it so you can add "Third Party" creatives of different sizes and variations. For example, if your Ad Unit supports two different sizes (768x90 and 300x250, for example), you must create a "Third Party" creative for each size. See Adding Creatives or Managing Creative for more details.

<script type='text/javascript'>
var i = 0, w = window.self;
while(w!== && !(w.PWT && w.PWT.displayCreative) && i<10){
w = window.self.parent; i++;
try{ w.PWT.displayCreative(document, '%%VAR_pwtsid%%'); } catch(e){}

One of UAS' advantages is you need only one Line Item. UAS auctions the bid value received in an ad request against other eligible Line Items such as guaranteed (SponsorshipStandard), and programmatic (PMPOpen Exchange), then it returns the winning bid. Auctions are based on the Demand Channel Optimization Setting

Configuration Checks

  1. Ensure your account Demand Channel Optimization Setting is 2 or greater
  2. When creating "Third Party" Creatives, ensure that the creative sizes match the Ad Unit sizes at the inventory origin. 
  3. If creative is SSL Compatible ("ON"), then ensure that your inventory is secured and UAS requests contain,  sec=1 .


  1. Publisher must create independent sites and ad tags in SSP to map with UAS Ad Unit during Profile configuration to run OpenWrap. Sites/ad tags created by UAS Ad Unit Tag automation are incompatible with OpenWrap. 
  2. OpenWrap supports only Banner and Rich Media ads, other formats are not supported. 
  3. Frequency Capping, Ad Exclusion/Competitive Exclusion configured on Order/Line Item/Creative does not honor the Wrapper Line Item Type, as the Creative is available directly on web pages. 
  4. When multiple creatives are associated with a wrapper type of Line Item, UAS returns creative based on rotation algorithm ( Optimized Rotation is not supported ).
  5. PubMatic OpenWrap does not support DFP and UAS Ad Server on same page. 
  6. Advanced-GPT like setup is not supported in UAS. See to learn more.

  7. Running PMP deals at higher priority than Wrapper type of line items is not supported is also not supported in UAS.

  8. Support for Single Bid.
  9. OpenWrap doesn't support UAS Ad Server for AMP platform.