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Error Messages

When the PMP API returns error messages, it does so in following JSON format:

         "errorCode": "PMP_001_0001",
         "errorMessage": "Invalid Whitelisting Flag value"
         "errorCode": "PMP_001_0002",
         "errorMessage": "Advertiser,Category,Domain should not be null"


Error Codes

In addition to descriptive error text, error messages contain specific error codes. While the text for an error message may change, the codes will stay the same.

Following is a list of common error codes:                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Error CodesError Messages
PMP_001Not Authorized
PMP_001_0000Rule Engine is not working
PMP_001_0001Invalid Whitelisting Flag value
PMP_001_0002Advertiser, Category, Domain should not be null
PMP_001_0003Invalid Advertiser Categories ID
PMP_001_0004Invalid Advertisers ID
PMP_001_0005Invalid Advertiser Domains ID
PMP_001_0006Invalid Deal Name
PMP_001_0007Length of Deal Name exceeds 256
PMP_001_0008Offer ID is invalid
PMP_001_0009Invalid Time Zone
PMP_001_0010Invalid DSP IDs
PMP_001_0011Invalid Buyer IDs
PMP_001_0012Invalid Deal Status
PMP_001_0013Offer is not one click buy
PMP_001_0014Invalid eCPM value
PMP_001_0015Time zone conversion failed
PMP_001_0016Invalid auction type
PMP_001_0017Duplicate Deal ID
PMP_001_0018Invalid input parameter
PMP_001_0019Invalid DSP user email
PMP_001_0020Invalid Buyer user email
PMP_001_0021Invalid PUB user email
PMP_001_0022Invalid Sales Person email
PMP_001_0023Deal details not available
PMP_001_0024Error while generating deal details response
PMP_001_0025Only Publisher can do edit operation while deal is in active
PMP_001_0026Deal ID cannot not be null
PMP_001_0027Deal ID cannot not be edited
PMP_001_0028Start date cannot be changed while deal is already active/inactive state
PMP_001_0029Buyers cannot be changed while deal is already active
PMP_001_0030Cannot approve/reject deal in review as last modified by your end only
PMP_001_0031No operation allowed on rejected/deprecated deal
PMP_001_0032Cannot edit other fields while accepting/rejecting deal In-Review
PMP_001_0033Cannot edit other fields while re-activating already completed deal
PMP_001_0034Cannot set deal ID for InReview status
PMP_001_0035Offer cannot be changed
PMP_001_0036Invalid Product ID
PMP_001_0037Invalid Targeting ID
PMP_001_0038DP cannot edit inactive deal except resuming it
PMP_001_0039Invalid priority
PMP_001_0040Invalid publisher ID
PMP_001_0041Cannot edit other fields while pausing deal
PMP_001_0042At least one DP should be selected
PMP_001_0043Deal doesn't belong to you
PMP_001_0044Deal cannot create in active status as it details gets modified
PMP_001_0045You cannot do this operation as other DSP also present in this deal
PMP_001_0046Cannot add more DSP
PMP_001_0047Cannot add more ATD
PMP_001_0048Invalid dates
PMP_001_0049At least one DSP and One ATD should be in deal to make it active
PMP_001_0050Invalid Context
PMP_001_0051Invalid Deal ID
PMP_001_0052Same Deal ID with different value [Auction, Priority, Ecpm] already present in system
PMP_001_0053TimeZone cannot change
PMP_001_0054Deal ID cannot more than 64 character
PMP_001_0055Invalid emails in additional emails
PMP_001_0056Invalid product for deal as itŠ—Ès does not have RTB enabled sites
PMP_001_0057Cannot create deal with expired offer
PMP_001_0058Cannot edit owner of the deal
PMP_001_0059One click by offer deals cannot be created with auction type other than Fixed Price