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PubMatic Server-Side Wrapper Tag Certification Program

As publishers shift from Client-Side Wrapper Tags to Server-Side Wrapper Tags, PubMatic is aiming to create a set of standards that simplifies the integration of Server-Side Wrapper Tags for publishers while ensuring that their tech partners, exchanges and SSPs, are interoperable with each others' respective solutions. 

Unlike client-side technology, which is often open-source and easier to implement with minimal cooperation, server-side wrappers require close integration and communication between technology providers and publishers. The goal of this certification program is to provide reciprocal connections among technology providers, eliminating the issue of limited demand in the server-side wrapper and thus increasing the viability of this nascent technology for publishers. 

Similar to our approach with the open-source Wrapper Solution we offer, our goal is full transparency of the auction dynamics and bid logic. We want all participants in the process, to feel fully empowered and to eliminate any doubts as to the benefits of allowing programmatic demand to compete directly with the waterfall, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of digital media transactions for all parties involved.


PubMatic's Server-Side Wrapper Tag allows publishers to evaluate programmatic bids from multiple sources concurrently for every impression. This also allows ad servers to begin utilizing real-time bids instead of static bids.

Other header solutions can lead to a sub-optimal user experience during ad serving because they rely on browser configuration and internet connection quality. However, PubMatic's Server-Side Wrapper Tag reduces complexity in header bidding to enable more efficient partner integration with publishers for better performance, reduced latency and improved ad quality requirements.

Interaction & Flow to Call Exchanges

The following integration/call protocol options are available for each partner in the PubMatic platform:

  • OpenRTB (supported versions)
  • PubMatic API
  • Client Side (current default)

The configuration database will store all information and will be used to generate the wrapper JavaScript. With a call to PubMatic over OpenRTB, version 2.4 (version 2.3 also supported), the server-side wrapper endpoint will read the configuration for each partner and get a bid calling the endpoint.

Enable User Sync Across Exchanges

Server side user sync-up is critical to ensure the DSP bidding behavior across all partners is optimal.

Partner Requirements

  1. Share standard sync-up URL, which will initiate DSP sync-up calls.

  2. Share a sync-up endpoint that can be used to pass PubMatic user ID to the partner, which they can redirect to the PubMatic endpoint with their Partner user ID as piggyback.

Example Sync-up URL redir=[MM_UUID]

redir = the redirect URL for PubMatic

MM_UID = the macro that will be replaced by the partner user ID

About the Server-Side Wrapper Tag Flow

  • PubMatic will store the URL and wrapper JS on page, which will fire up all the sync-up URLs for Partner-DSP.
  • PubMatic wrapper script initiates the sync-up with each partner based on pre-shared endpoint.
  • The partner redirects the sync-up call with their ID for PubMatic to store in the Cookie Map. (The same one PubMatic uses for DSPs.)
  • PubMatic ad-call to the wrapper endpoint will be oRTB (which will be continue to be updated to the latest version).
  • The user Id passed to the PubMatic wrapper endpoint will be the PubMatic user ID.
  • On the wrapper endpoint will be a normalization layer, which will map all the oRTB calls from the browser to a standard oRTB version. (Relevant in case of Migration/upgrade to different oRTB version.)
  • For calling partners, we will have adapters that will range from Proprietary API to oRTB versions (with minor partner-specific customization if required).
  • The userID lookup happens for each partner from the Cookie Map as it happens for DSPs and passed along in the ad-request.


Server to Server Header Bidding Wrapper API

This API enables the use of PubMatic's Server to Server Header Bidding Wrapper, which reduces complexity in header bidding to enable more efficient partner integration with publishers for better performance, reduced latency and improved ad quality.

Method PathHTTP Method TypeDescription

Retrieves Bids from Server to Server Header Bidding Wrapper by passing oRTB data as query parameter .

/openrtb/{version}POSTPosts Bid Responses through Server to Server Header Bidding Wrapper

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