Retrieve Geo Details

This API lets you to retrieve the details of a specific Geo from PubMatic.

Before using PubMatic APIs, first generate your API Token to authenticate your API calls. For more information, see Getting Started with PubMatic APIs



Request headers

Header NameTypeValueRequiredDescription
AuthorizationStringBearer ${access_token}YesNeed to send the access token generating for authentication at the place of ${access_token}.
For more information about access tokens, see Getting Started with PubMatic APIs.

Request path parameters

Parameter NameTypeRequiredDescription
idintegeryesID of the geo.
Example request call using CURL:
curl ''


Response headers

Response Header NameType
Content-type application-json

Response body

Response Body ParameterTypeDescription
geoIdIntegerUnique identifier for the geo.
nameStringName of the geo.
countryCodeStringCountry code for the geo.
dmaCodeIntegerDMA code for the geo.
geoLevelStringLevel of the geo. Possible values are CITY and COUNTRY.

Sample response JSON

    "geoId": 5,
    "name": "Afghanistan",
    "countryCode": "AF",
    "dmaCode": 0,
    "geoLevel": "COUNTRY"

Error codes

Error codes specific to this API method.           

Error CodeError Description
CC03_004Resource not found

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