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Comma-separated list of the expansion direction IDs.
Note: For more details, refer the Expandable Direction table in the reference section of this document.


Comma-separated list of blocked creative attributes課ェ IDs.
Note: For details on the values passed and the corresponding category names, refer to the Creative Attributes table in the Reference section of this document.


Comma-separated list of IDs of the allowed iframe buster/rich media-supported technologies.
Note: For more details, refer the Rich Media Technologies table in the reference section of this document. If you are using a rich media technology which is not mentioned in this table, then contact your PubMatic Account Manager to get it added to this document.

Example 1:


Real-time Advertiser Category and Advertiser Blocking Parameters


blkdmnsNoComma-separated list of advertiser domains' IDs to be blocked for the given impression.

Comma-separated list of advertiser IAB categories' IDs to be blocked for the given impression. For the list of supported IAB categories, refer the IAB Categories List table.
The limit of IAB categories that system can support is 20 categories.

blkadvtidsNoComma-separated list of advertisers' IDs to be blocked for the given impression.
blkadvdmnsNoThis parameter will have comma-separated list of advertiser domain URLs, that PubMatic ad-serving will block from responding with creative. The limit of URLs that system can support is 40 URLs.


Example:,17,18,11&blkiabcats=IAB7,IAB128,IAB18&blkadvtids=1617,1521&, 18:31:28&timezone=5.5&screenResolution=1366x768&ranreq=0.02049813430046943&pmUniAdId=0&adVisibility=1&adPosition=8x8