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Publishers are concerned about brand safety; preventing brand erosion due to unwanted creatives such as, adult ads or competitor ads that violate a publisher's brand policies, being shown to their visitors. PubMatic's platform provides several tools that let publishers protect their brands and ensure that their visitors see the highest quality ads. In addition to the tools described in the sections below, you can learn more about improving brand quality at the  Coalition for Better Ads .


PubMatic's Blocklist feature helps publishers prevent unwanted creatives from reaching their visitors by blocking the advertiser, advertiser's category, domain URLs, and/or creative attributes. Blocklist Manager displays the domain URLs for an advertiser to let publishers block and unblock accordingly.

Blocklist Manager also provides a report of blocked and available advertisers, advertiser categories, and domain URLs. Publishers can download or e-mail the report for future reference.


PubMatic's Whitelist Manager lets publishers allow creatives from one or more advertisers, for specific or all sites, by whitelisting URLs for advertisers or advertiser categories. Whitelisting advertisers for a site essentially blocklists all other advertisers for the site; the whitelist allows ads only from those in the list. This process facilitates safe and time-saving whitelisting within the PubMatic interface.

Using Whitelist Manager, publishers can:

  • Whitelist a domain URL (including subdomains) for an advertiser or advertiser category for one specific or all sites.
  • View available domain URLs to add/remove from the whitelist as needed. If you remove a site from a whitelist, the site will be "blocklisted," meaning the advertiser's inventory will no longer be allowed.
  • View, schedule, download, and email whitelisted advertiser categories, advertisers, and domain URLs for all or specific sites. If you disable a whitelisted advertiser for a site, any earlier configured blocklist goes back into effect for your inventory.
  • Search for and whitelist advertisers, categories, and domain URLs.

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Ad Inspector

The Ad Inspector add-on for both Firefox and Google Chrome analyzes PubMatic ad tags to provide detailed insights for the ads served. Ad Inspector lets publishers filter inappropriate ads from their ad operations.

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Creative Management

Using PubMatic's Creative Management solutions, publishers can block creatives from specific advertisers by:

  • Unique creative ID (UCrID) or Creative Script.
  • Creative attribute; for example, text-only ads, video ads, and so on. 
  • A keyword in its URL 

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