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PubMatic provides both real-time and historical data and insights in a dashboard format, enabling publishers to manage their account health and build strategies for maximizing ROI. PubMatic highlights top metrics and KPIs directly on the Dashboard and offers robust standard and customizable analytics reports. View graphs for real-time values of revenue, spend, impressions and eCPM for all your sites for the past 20 minutes in real-time. (If you do not have the Real-Time Dashboard enabled, please contact your account manager.) The Dashboard also displays the top 10 deals, demand sources and audiences for the current day.

Learn more about the SSP Dashboard: PubMatic Analytics Dashboard

Learn more about the Unified Ad Server (UAS) Dashboard: PubMatic Analytics Dashboard in UAS 

Deal Dashboard

The Deal Dashboard allows a publisher to generate and view various graphical and tabular reports for the performance of deals with parameters such as impressions, revenue and eCPM. Using this report you can also view and compare the performance of top five deals and top five buyers.

Learn more about the Deal Dashboard: Deal Dashboard 

Benchmarking Insights

Benchmarking Insights (a premium feature) allows you to see how your inventory performance stacks up against similar publishers, compare your eCPMs with industry and category trends, and identify pricing for upside opportunities and sales possibilities based on advertiser data.

Learn more about Benchmarking: Benchmarking Insights 

Inventory Adjustments (UAS Only)

The Inventory Adjustments interface enables publishers to update the amount of available inventory. In some circumstances, publishers may want to manually adjust their inventory to improve the accuracy of your forecasting. For example:

  • If your account in PubMatic is new and therefore, no past trends exist in the PubMatic system on which to base future predictions.
  • If you expect significant changes in inventory, for example, with the creation or deactivation of ad units or for seasonal events such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday.


Analytics are the key to understanding the health of your account and moving forward with strategies for growth. In addition to using pre-made standard reports, you can create custom reports and use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to create highly granular reports.

Standard Reports

Standard reports are commonly-generated reports that have already been created in PubMatic. Standard reports can be used as they are structured by default, or click Edit while viewing a standard report to customize and save a custom report.

Standard reports are available for both SSP and  Unified Ad Server (UAS) customers.

Learn more about Standard Reports for SSP: Standard Analytics Reports 

Custom Reports

Create custom reports by selecting dimensions and metrics and saving the report or, edit a standard report and save it as a custom report. Custom reports can be saved, emailed, and scheduled for delivery.

Reports can be customized for SSP and UAS.

Learn more about customizing reports for SSPCreating and Editing Reports 

Learn more about customizing reports for UASCreating and Editing Unified Reports (UAS) 

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

The Smart Search bar uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to provide a quick and easy way to generate a report when you know the dimensions you need and don't want to select them individually to create a custom report. For example, you can type "show me revenue spend and ecpm by site" to generate a report that displays the revenue spend and eCPM details for your sites. You can also type "what is my PMP revenue spend and impressions" to view a report that displays the revenue spend and paid impressions associated with your Deals.

Note: Natural Language Processing is currently not available for Unified Reports.

Learn more about Natural Language Processing: Using the Smart Search Bar 

Forecasting (UAS Only)

Forecasting helps publishers predict whether you'll have enough available inventory to fulfill the requirements of a new order or line item, or to project how current line items will perform and whether they'll meet their goals. The report is an estimate that calculates future trends based on historical data, trends and demographics. 

In some circumstances, you may want to manually adjust your inventory to improve the accuracy of the forecasting. PubMatic provides a method for  manually adjusting your inventory to more accurately forecast performance.

Learn more about Forecasting and Manual Forecasting Adjustments: Forecasting in UASManual Forecast Adjustments (UAS) , & Manual Forecast Adjustments (UAS) FAQs