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The Audience section of the PubMatic platform provides publishers with insights and management of their audience segments. 

My Audience

Audience Segments 

Audience Segments provides the management tools that give publishers granular control of their data with three primary capabilities:

  1. Data Sharing and Pricing :
    • Set data access control at admin and audience segment levels.
    • Share data with specific publishers or buyers, and revoke sharing as needed.
    • Set data price per segment and change as needed.
  2. Data Targeting:
    • Target 1st Party Data on ONLY owned inventory via PMP Deals.
    • Widen reach by creating Targeted PMPs to target your data on any Publisher's inventory you choose. 
    • Provide data access to specific or  all  buyers, for a data fee, that allows buyers to target publisher data on any publisher inventory available on PubMatic.
  3. Real-time Reporting:
    • Learn who is targeting your data and where, and the total revenue it generated.
    • Monitor data performance on PMP deals.
Learn more about Audience Segments: Audience Management (BETA) 

Audience Sync

Audience Sync provides information about the DMPs publishers have synced with their PubMatic data, giving them the power of segmenting audiences by both first and third-part data. Publishers who want to sync their DMP segments with their PubMatic account should reach out to their account manager.

Audience Configuration

Audience Configuration enables publishers to create, view and modify universal pixels for their site. A universal pixel is a collection of pixels from multiple data providers. 

Learn more about Audience Configuration: Audience Configuration 


Audience Insights

Audience Insights enables publishers to view statistics for the audiences on their site. In addition to third-party audience data from data providers, PubMatic also provides default (system-generated) audiences, which assist with analysis of the audiences visiting a publisher's site. 

Learn more about Audience Insights: Using Audience Insights