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From the Transactions menu, SSP and Unified Ad Server (UAS) customers can configure inventory and orders to monetize targeted, direct, and programmatic transactions. 

Direct (UAS Only)

Orders, Line Items and Creatives

Orders, line items, and creatives are components of an ad campaign's content. An order contains line items, which specify parts of the campaign and target various consumer demographics. Creatives are the images and videos that the consumer views.



Orders:  Father's Day BBQ Campaign

Line Items:  Males 25-45, BBQ Enthusiasts, Fathers

You can target line items by browser, regional areas, special events, or many other aspects of consumers.

Creatives:  Images, video, or banners ads that display a variety of BBQ grills and accessories that appeal to these demographics.


Demand Channel Optimization  in the Unified Ad Server (UAS) enables you to find the highest yielding ads by using controls to dictate when campaigns compete across RTB, PMP, PMP-G, and traditional IOs without jeopardizing guarantees or brand control requirements.


The Optimization page displays cross-channel optimization. Each level shows potential risk and revenue increases. 

Learn more about Optimization: Demand Channel Optimization (UAS) 


Deals, Offers and Products

The PubMatic Private Marketplace (PMP), provides publishers with a way to designate specific inventory be sold in an invitation-only marketplace to select buyers or groups of buyers. PMP establishes advantages to both buyers and sellers to maximize revenue and ROI.

Additionally, Private Marketplace Guaranteed (PMP-G) is a deal between one seller and one buyer, guaranteeing spend and audience in a fixed-price auction. PMP-G combines the exclusivity and predictability of direct sold campaigns with the data targeting, scale and efficiency of RTB infrastructure; buyers agree to purchase a guaranteed volume of premium impressions from a publisher at a committed spend level.