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Creating an Offer makes the inventory discoverable. Use the following instructions and best practices to create a PMP orPMP-G.

Before You Begin

Create the Product the Offer will be associated with. You cannot save an Offer without a Product association.

Creating a New Offer

  1. Select Inventory > Offers from the main navigation.
  2. Click Create Offer in the upper right of the Products and Offers Management page.
  3. Select a Product from the drop-down menu to associate with this offer.
  4. Select an Offer Type Channel (PMP or PMP Guaranteed).

Enter Offer Information

Offer information and pricing/availability fields will vary, based on the Channel selected.

Best Practices

  • If the offer is for Run of Network, combine desktop and mobile inventory in the same offer.
  • If the offer is for Run of Site, separate mobile web inventory from other inventory.
  • Buyers look for seasonal offers; enter details that will make your inventory be most appealing for those buyers.
  • Put together site-specific offers to accommodate buys for different areas of your site (e.g., Entertainment, News, Sports, etc.)
  • Looking for ideas on how to make your offers more appealing to buyers? Contact your Account Manager to strategize.

Offer Details

Offer Name: Enter Offer Name

Offer name should be closely linked to the Product name, using the convention Event - Audience - Placement(max 40 characters - only alphanumeric characters are allowed.)


  • Maximize the impact of your description and search tags by entering detailed information about the technical inventory attributes.


    Use Name & Description that will attract buyers. The information you enter in these fields should differentiate you and make your offer stand out from others. Use this to show them why they should set up a PMP Deal with you. Include valuable information such as:

    • Site/Category Specifics.
    • Audience Specifics, e.g., "Mother's Day Packages," "Fitness Enthusiast Packages."
  • Offer Contact: Enter your email address (may automatically be populated).
  • Logo: Upload a good quality logo to ensure visibility
  • Search Tags: Enter tags that match this offer. Buyers will search by tags for inventory. Use keywords you expect buyers to use to search for inventory that matches this offer (e.g., mother’s day, mobile, iOS, holiday, app, entertainment, etc.).
  • Auto-approved: If ‘Yes’ is selected, the deal can be automatically set up with the buyer without requiring publisher approval, as long as the deal meets brand control requirements. This is highly recommended to help with workflow efficiency and instant revenue transactions.

    Selecting Auto-approved can help minimize delays and is recommended.
  • Exclusive: This refers to inventory that is only available through PubMatic. It’s a way for buyers to purchase inventory that is different than others.

Pricing and Availability


  • Percentage Avails/30 Day Avails: This will be used for forecasting purposes by the buyer and helps them fulfill campaign budgets. It’s optional, but recommended.
  • Price (CPM):
    • PMP:
      • Select Provide Only On Request or Enter Now.
        • Provide Only On Request: a CPM will not be specified until Deal creation.
        • Enter Now: your offer will carry a CPM value. Enter Cost per Mille (CPM). (Generally 2-3x eCPM of OpenRTB inventory.)
    •  PMP-G:
      • Enter Cost per Mille (CPM) (Generally 2-3x eCPM of Open RTB inventory).
  • Minimum Amount ($): Optional
  • Transaction Dates: The transaction start date reflects when buyers can begin to bid on the offer. You can enter an end date or select "Ongoing" to keep the end date open. These dates indicate how long this deal will be able to transact for.
  • Days of Week: Select the days this offer will appear.
  • Day Parting: Set the time interval this offer will appear for each day of the week that is selected.
  • Matched Users: Select  Any, Matched, or  Unmatched. Typically used for those publishers integrated through a DMP. If unsure which option to select, select  Any.

Select Targeting

Set your geographical and audience targets, rich media technology (if applicable), and key value rules.


  • Geography: Select one or more geographic regions from where visitors will be served impressions.
New tags are not needed to target specific geos, only to select geos in this column will target that specific inventory. (e.g., if trying to target Canada, select Canada as inventory. No need to create Canadian tags.)
Geography is by country. Any DMA targeting will be done on the backend by PubMatic. (Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to request this if needed.)
  • Audience: Select the audience(s) who will be targeted with this offer.
  • Rich Media: Select one or more Rich Media providers. Rich media ads include streaming video, text or images that interact instantly with visitors.
  • Key Value: Enter custom variables that are part of this offer.

Make Visible

  • Offer Visibility Dates: Enter the period the Offer will be available (visible in the Media Buyer Console). Select Ongoing if there isn't an end date.
  • Select the  Buyers, DSPs, and Advertisers you want to make this offer visible to.
    • Choose the Any option if you want to make this offer visible to any buyers, DSPs or advertisers.
    • Choose the Select option and choose one or more specific buyers, DSPs or advertisers from their respective selection boxes. Only those selected will be able to see the offer.
  • Enter any additional notes you want to include.
Next Step: Create a Deal