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Creating Products

Products are a way to group inventory into specific packages. Multiple offers can be tied to the same package.

Before you Begin: Be sure the required Sites and Ad Tags have been added prior to creating a Product.

Creating a New Product

  1. Select Transactions | Products from the main navigation.
  2. Click Create Product in the upper right of the Products and Offers Management page.

Enter Product Details

Product Name:

  • Use the recommended convention - Site Name-Placement-Section (e.g., OurDomain-728x90-Desktop)
The Product name should align with the name of the Offer you will be associating it with.


  • Enter a description for this product.

Publisher Category:

  • Select categories that describe the site(s) included in this offer.

Search Tags:

  • Enter tags that match this offer. Buyers will search by tags for inventory. Use keywords you expect buyers to use to search for inventory that matches this offer.

Display URL:

  • Enter all URLs that apply to this offer. 
"http://" is not required

Select Ad Tag Filters

  1. Select Ad Tag Filters that apply to this product.
    Mobile App Android
    Mobile App IOS
    Mobile Web
  2. Select the Ad Format that applies to this product.
    Video (When Video is selected, additional filters will appear for selection.)

Complete Ad Unit Details

  1. Select all Ad Placement/Positions from the drop-down menu that you want to make available in this product.
    Above the Fold
    Below the Fold
    Partially Above the Fold

  2. Click Select to choose the Ad Sizes included in this product.

    When selecting ad sizes that have more than one option of the same ad size (e.g., Sidekick v. Medium Rectangle), be sure to select the correct one in the list.
  3. Click Select to choose the Sites that apply to this product. 

    Select Any or Select specific Sites and/or Ad Tags.
  4. Click Select to choose Ad Tags.  The ad tags in the list reflect ad unit details selected. To additionally filter ad tags based on their viewability scores, enter the desired viewability score (percentage) range in the fields provided. 

    Viewability scores enable publishers to create PMPs with high viewability scores. PubMatic uses Integral Ad Science (IAS) to score viewability based on the average over the last 30 days. The average viewability numbers are updated nightly. Note that the viewability measurement is currently for display ads only. Mobile and Video are planned for a later date.

  5. Select Save and Finish.
Next Step: Create an Offer