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Private Marketplace (PMP)

The PubMatic Private Marketplace (PMP), provides publishers with a way to designate certain inventory be sold in an invitation-only marketplace to select buyers or groups of buyers. PMP establishes advantages to both buyers and sellers to maximize revenue and ROI.

Private Marketplace Guaranteed (PMP-G)

The PubMatic Private Marketplace Guaranteed (PMP-G), is a deal between one seller and one buyer, guaranteeing spend and audience in a fixed-price auction. PMP-G combines the exclusivity and predictability of direct sold campaigns with the data targeting, scale and efficiency of RTB infrastructure; buyers agree to purchase a guaranteed volume of premium impressions from a publisher at a committed spend level.

PMP-G must be enabled on your account to create these deals. Please contact your account manager to enable these.

The following documents provide instructions and best practices for:

See PMP Marketplace Guidelines for additional guidelines.