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Moderator: Jim Cooper

Panelists: Jordan Bitterman, IBM Watson Content & IOT Platform

Rajeev Goel, PubMatic

Babak Hodjat, Sentient

Beck Kloss, eBay


From Watson to Siri, Alexa to Cortana, virtually every major technology company (IBM, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft) is testing the bounds of artificial intelligence as a personal digital assistant or other consumer convenience—and with all the attention paid to these tools, ad tech is exploring ways to apply this science to the art of advertising.


The recent hype around A.I. raises the question of how our industry defines this concept, what role it can play in advertising today, and what impact it could have for digital media and ad tech in the future. In the current ad tech landscape, where does the line between A.I. and machine learning fall? What will be the return on investment against the level of effort this will entail? How would the introduction of data-collection devices that sound and respond like a human being impact consumer privacy, targeting and other data-driven aspects of media and advertising?