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PubMatic's vision is to be the only 100% brand-safe platform for publishers and media buyers. To create a safe and trusted platform, we've used the following products and processes to protect the shared interests of buyers, our publishers and the audiences they serve.

Brand Safety Measures

  • Pre-Bid Blocking: IAS sends multiple brand-safety parameters along with fraud scores during pre-bid scanning or real-time pixel dropping
  • Active Blocklist Management: Add low-performing, cluttered sites to global supply side blocklist
  • Active Whitelist Management: Remove low-performing, cluttered sites above from whitelist
  • Contextual Targeting: Pass IAB contextual categories and page language in the bid request


  • PubMatic is #5 in Pixalate’s Global Seller Trust Index Report (March 2017)
  • PubMatic is #5 in Pixalate’s US Video Seller Trust Index Report (March 2017)

Solution Partners

PubMatic works with the following Inventory and Viewability partners.

Inventory Quality Partners

  • Integrated Ad Science (IAS) 
  • White Ops

Viewability Partners

  • Integrated Ad Science (IAS)

About Our Solution Partners

Integral Ad Science (IAS) is a global technology and data company that builds verification, optimization, and analytics solutions to empower the advertising industry to effectively influence consumers everywhere, on every device. They solve the most pressing problems for brands, agencies, publishers, and technology companies by verifying that every impression has the opportunity to be effective, optimizing towards opportunities to consistently improve results, and analyzing digital’s impact on consumer actions. To learn more about IAS, please visit: 


White Ops is the global leader in human verification and data integrity. In 2016, White Ops was the first company to receive MRC accreditation for SIVT detection paving the way for the industry and offering a full suite solution that includes viewability, brand safety, fraud detection, and pre-bid verification. To learn more about White Ops, please visit: