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Ad Inspector Summary Panel

When you view the main Ad Inspector panel, a summary of all the ads served through PubMatic on the Web page are listed. To view more details or block an ad, use the corresponding buttons to the right of the ad listing.


To Collapse or Expand the panel, use the  and  buttons in the upper right corner of the Ad Inspector.


Ad #: Indicates the sequence of the ad on the Web page. Data represented in the adjacent columns are specific to this ad.
Ad Tag ID: Indicates the identifier (ID) of the PubMatic ad tag using which this ad was served.
Demand Partner: Indicates the name of the winning demand partner which has provided the ad.
Demand Type: Type of Demand Partner (Ad Network, RTB or non-RTB)
Winning Deal ID: Deal ID of the winning deal for this ad. (Will display when available.)


From the Ad Inspector Panel, you can also:

  • View ad details
  • Block an ad

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