Allowlisting and Invalid Traffic (IVT) Scanning Process

PubMatic uses multiple tools to supplement the scanning of domains. PubMatic may also override vendors' initial approval or rejection of an allowlisted domain. Automated reviews usually take several minutes to process. If an additional manual review is required, this may take a few days complete. Both automated decisions and subsequent overruled decisions by PubMatic are final unless there are extenuating circumstances.

The allowlisting and IVT scanning process is as follows:  

  1. A publisher uploads the domains to be allowlisted. The Publisher Allowlisting instructions can be found here.

    The upload capacity is 500 domains per upload.

  2. Domains/apps are then automatically reviewed according to third-party vendors and internal blocklists:
    1. All domains are checked against PubMatic's global supply-side blocklist. If a domain appears on the global blocklist, it will not be enabled in the Publisher UI.
    2. If the domain does not appear on the global blocklist, our team does an additional check against historical data.
      • Pixalate: IVT for a domain or app is expected to be 10%.
      • Majestic: The IQ Score (Majestic trust score) of a domain is expected to be five or above.
      • Pixalate or Moat Viewability: Viewability for a domain or app is acceptable if measured at 20% or above.
  3. Domain that pass all of the above checks will remain in PubMatic's Publisher UI, unless manually removed due to high invalid traffic or other problematic activity.