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Publishers may be concerned about brand erosion when unwanted creatives display for their visitors. For example, obesity ads, adult ads, and competitor ads can violate a publisher's brand policies. The Blocklist Manager in PubMatic prevents unwanted creatives from displaying to visitors by blocking an advertiser, the advertiser's category, domain URLs, and/or creative attributes. Blocklist Manager helps publishers view the domain URLs for an advertiser, then block or unblock accordingly.

Blocklists apply to both open market and PMP Deals. If your PMP Deal is seeing low bid responses check to make sure you don’t have an advertiser or buyer blocked.

Blocklist Manager provides a report of all blocked and available advertisers, advertiser's categories, and domain URLs. You can download or email these reports for future reference.

  1. Select Ad Quality > Blocklist from the main navigation menu.
  2. Select whether you want these blocklist changes to apply to all sites or a particular site by clicking the Blocklist applied to dropdown menu and select All Sties or a specific site. To locate a site, browse the list to make a selection or begin typing part of the URL and press Enter to begin the search. Continue typing more of the URL and pressing Enter to narrow the search results.

    The changes you make in Blocklist Manager will apply to this selection.

  3. Select whether you want to view by Category, Advertiser or Domain by selecting the View By drop-down menu and selecting an option.
  4. Enter the criteria of the site you're looking for in the Search for... box or browse through the list.
  5. For either Category or Advertiser, use the  next to the item you want to expand. Continue to use the for each sub-level you want to expand.
  6. Select the Blocked check-box for each item you want to block. Once checked, the item appears in the User Actions List.

    To block all domains within a category or advertiser, select the Blocked check-box at the highest level. 
  7. Choose Save, then Yes to save your blocklist changes.