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Set up daily, system-generated alerts to receive valuable information about blocked domain URLs including publisher sites and number of blocked domains for the time period in the report.

Editing Alerts

  1. Select Ad Quality > Keywords from the main navigation.
  2. Choose Edit Alerts to open the Edit Alerts dialog.


Turning On Alerts

  1. Open the Edit Alerts dialog, then enter a valid email address in the Email address field.
  2. Use Add to add the new address to the list.
  3. Active alert by toggling Send daily email alerts to ON.
  4. Choose Done to close the Edit Alerts dialog.


Turning Off Alerts

  1. Open the Edit Alerts dialog.
  2. To turn off alerts only to a specific email address:
    1. Use theicon to remove a specific email address from the list.
    2. Choose Yes when the system prompts you to confirm deleting the email address, or choose No to cancel the action.

      Deleting an email address from the list is permanent; there is no undo.
  3. To temporarily turn off alerts for all email addresses in the list:
    1. Toggle Send daily email alerts to OFF.

      If you later decide to turn alerts back on for the email addresses in the list, simply toggle Send daily email alerts back to ON.

  4. Choose Done to close the Edit Alerts dialog.

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