Publishers who have traffic from California and are using PubMatic tags to send traffic to PubMatic must pass the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) user privacy string, either in the “us_privacy” parameter for video tags or the “kadUsPrivacy” parameter for banner tags. Publishers may set the optional parameter "us_privacy" or "kadUsPrivacy" with the USP consent value string. PubMatic's code will try to find the USP CMP on the page, and if it is found then the code will use the value retrieved from the CMP. If the USP CMP is not found on the page, the value passed by the publisher will be used. 

The following content has been updated with CCPA references:

CCPA Tag Configuration

OpenRTB 2.3 Bid Request Objects and Parameters

OpenRTB 2.3.1 bid request objects and parameters

Bid request objects and parameters

HTTP Parameters Details (SSP Ad Server)

Video-specific Parameters

CCPA support in OpenWrap

OpenWrap Profile Management

Additional References

For complete information about CCPA, refer to the IAB CCPA Compliance Framework and technical specs.

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