Client-Side Creative Violations


There are two ways in which creatives with violations are blocked:

  • Through PubMatic's Real-Time Scanning, which blocks 97% - 98% of creatives with violations
  • Through a publisher's client-side ad quality product that flags creatives with client-side violations

PubMatic processes over 1 million unique creatives per day and has a high rate of success (97% - 98%) in blocking those in violation from being sent in an auction to the publisher. Unfortunately, the 2% - 3% of remaining creatives are flagged on the client-side and result in lost revenue opportunities. In an effort to address this gap and improve publisher yield, PubMatic is adding support to exclude creatives with client-side violations from our auctions through our partnership with Confiant. The automated, real-time updates PubMatic receives from Confiant for client-side violations will enhance the speed and scope in which PubMatic can block those creatives. This will result in better revenue potential for publishers. Partnerships will extend to other ad quality vendors in the future.

Those publishers who use Confiant's ad quality services receive a daily report of violations from Confiant via email and can view more detail on their Confiant dashboard. These publishers should see a decrease in client-side violations sent from PubMatic as a result of this partnership. However, if a publisher observes creative violations that persist for multiple days or for a high number of instances, they should reach out to their PubMatic Account Manager to address it.

If you have any questions about this partnership, please contact your account manager.