Creative Details

The Creative Details tab provides the data you need to analyze and troubleshoot creatives. You can also block creatives from serving on sites. This page provides an overview of the Creative Details UI.

For more information on ad quality and creative management:

You can access the Creative Details tab two ways:

  • Navigate to Ad Quality > Creative Details; or,
  • Select a creative in the Creative Review tab 

The Creative Details page:

This is the UCrID # or Creative Script for the creative you selected. You can also search for creatives by entering a UCrID and clicking Search.

To view, copy, or download the creative scrip, select Show Creative Script, Copy Script to clipboard, or Download script as .txt.

Block this creative from all sites is set to Off by default. Toggle to On if you want to block the creative.

If the creative is not rendering on this page, click here to open the creative in a new tab.

This section provides the creative details.