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The following Blocklist reports can be exported from PubMatic in CSV, Excel or PDF format:

  • URL Blocklist Report (aka Blocklist Manager Report)
  • Creative Attributes Blocklist Report
  • Keyword-based Blocklist Report

Export the URL Blocklist Report

The URL Blocklist Report provides a list of blocklisted URLs with associated Advertiser and Category information. Specifically, the report provides:

  • Blocklisted URL: List of blocked domain URLs up to the current date.
  • Advertiser: List of blocked advertisers up to the current date.
  • Category: List of blocked advertiser categories up to the current date.
  • Updated On: The date (YYYY-MM-DD) and time when the report was last updated.


  1. Select Ad Quality > Blocklist from the main navigation. 
  2. Select a site from the Blocklist to be applied to dropdown menu or select All Sites to run a report for all sites.
  3. Select the Export Reports    button.
  4. Select a format from the drop-down (CSV, Excel, or PDF).
  5. Open the downloaded report. 


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