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PubMatic, the leading independent media technology company, focuses on helping publishers:

  • Maximize the value of their digital assets.
  • Leverage their brands.
  • Scale their systems across all chosen platforms for audience growth.

The PubMatic Android SDK helps application developers integrate the robust PubMatic platform to monetize their Android app inventory. Once the SDK is integrated with an app, developers can use the PubMatic platform to control, monitor, and optimize their inventory’s financial performance.


PubMatic Android SDK makes it easy to incorporate mobile ads into Android apps. PubMatic Android SDK's modular structure provides the following benefits:

  • Supports single or multiple ad formats.
  • Provides multiple integration options.
  • An efficient, lightweight SDK.

Supported Android Versions and Ad Formats

PubMatic Android SDK supports Android version 4.4 (API level 19) or greater. The PubMatic Android SDK supports four ad formats:

  1. Banner
  2. Interstitial
  3. Rich Media (MRAID 2.0)
  4. Native

What's New in Version 5.3.4

The changes in PubMatic SDK version 5.3.4 include:

  • Optimized ad request API to reduce load time.

PubMatic SDK version 5.3.0 implemented major changes; see the CHANGELOG for details.

Download PubMatic SDK and Sample Applications

PubMatic Android SDK is distributed as source code to integrate with your app. See Source Code for details.

Source Code and Sample Apps

The SDK download contains following resources:

  • pubmatic-sdk—The source code for PubMatic SDK. See Getting Started to learn the methods you can use to integrate the SDK with your app.

  • pubmatic-sample-app—A sample app written in Java. This sample demonstrates how to use Banner, Interstitial, and Native Ads. You can also use the app as a tool for testing different ad tags, parameters, some basic settings, request/response, debug logs, and so on.

  • header-bidding-sample—Demonstrates how to integrate the PubMatic SDK Header Bidding feature (when using DoubleClick for Publishers as the primary SDK). Learn more about Header Bidding integration….


Download the PubMatic SDK and sample apps…

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