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About Ad Networks

Ad Networks are the companies that connect advertisers and publishers for buying and selling ad spaces for hosting ads in PubMatic. The Ad Networks page can be used by publishers to view, add and manage ad networks. 

Adding an Ad Network

  1. Select Inventory | Ad Network Settings.
  2. Select a Settings Category option:
    - Publisher Site Ad Network Frequency Cap
    - Publisher Site Impression Capping

  3. Select a WebsiteAd Network and Ad Size (applies to Impression Capping only) from the respective drop-down menus.
  4. Add the Current Frequency and click Save.
  5. Add a Schedule and click Save.

Update Ad Network Settings through Bulk Operations

Use the Bulk Operations to update multiple Ad Network settings at once.

  1. Click Export FCAP Settings (CSV) to download a CSV file of the current settings.
  2. Open the downloaded file, make updates and save.
  3. Click Choose File to locate the saved document and click Upload to upload the document. The status should display below