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Use the following guidelines to crate an ad tag for video inventory. For complete instructions for creating sites and ad tags in PubMatic, refer to Account Setup Guide for Publishers (Sites & Ad Tags) .

  1. After selecting the site the ad tag will apply to, select Video as the Format Type.
  2. VAST will automatically be selected as the Response Code.
  3. Complete Video Preferences:
    • Protocol: Select the VAST Protocol that supports your inventory (VAST 2.0 or VAST 3.0).
    • VPAID Support: Select whether your video inventory supports VPAID and if so, which version (VPAID 1.0 or VPAID 2.0)
    • Time Range: Enter the time range of your video in seconds
    • MIME Type: Select the supported MIME Types.
    • Default Player Size:
        • Select Dynamic if the site's video player size is not fixed and can be resized with the browser window. A macro should then be placed in the resulting ad tag in the appropriate placeholder which will determine the player size when the ad is run.
        • Select Static if the player size is fixed. Enter the width and height of the player.
  • Click Configure Optional parameters to expand options.
      • Companion Ad: Select whether or not companion ads are supported.
      • Linear Ad: Select whether the ad type is Linear or Non-linear or if any type is supported.
        • Linear video ads play before, after or during a break in the video content. 
        • Non-linear video ads appear along with the video content. (e.g., Overlays, which cover part of the video as it plays.)
      • Positioning: Select the position of the video ad.
Additional Parameters may be added once the tags are downloaded. Add parameters by appending "&" followed by parameter name=value. Refer to Video Parameters for specific parameters.
  1. Complete Ad Slot Preferences:
    • Ad Placement: Select the placement of the ad relative to the page (Top, Bottom, Middle, Left or Right of Page).
    • Fold Placement: Select the placement of the ad relative to the fold (Above the Fold (ATF), Below the Fold (BTF), or Partially above the Fold).
    • Expansion: Select the direction the ad will expand (Up, Down, Left or Right).
  2. Select User Data Parameters.
  3. Click Provide Passback Script. Enter an empty VAST specific to video, e.g., <VAST version=2.0"></VAST>
  4. Save the ad tag.