How MoPub tags work

The mopub.js tag executes the MoPub failLoad script (see below) and the creative is not rendered when the PubMatic ad server:

    • does not respond
    • responds with a bid of zero eCPM
    • responds with an error code
MoPub failLoad script

The mopub.js tag will not execute the passback tag if the eCPM is set to 0 in the PubMatic UI. A tracker call will not execute in this instance either, which means passbacks will not be counted.

Setting a timeout

You can set a timeout for our tags in the PubMatic UI. If the PubMatic ad server does not respond before the timeout ends, our tag will execute the MoPub failLoad script and the creative will not be rendered. 

The PubMatic tracker does not execute when a tag times out.

The table below outlines the timeout values (see column definitions below).

TestModeadParams.mopubTimeoutmopubTimeoutSettingsTimeout value used

TestMode: An internal flag that can be enabled at the publisher level by making a change in the code. This is not an input in a tag.

adParams.mopubTimeout: An input for the tag, number, time in ms to execute failLoad if the AdServer does not respond.

mopubTimeoutSettings: A setting at the publisher level that can be used to override adParams.mopubTimeout (see table).

For more information

Refer to these MoPub articles for more information on MoPub best practices:

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