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The Unified Ad Server Administrator creates and manages teams, roles, and users. Assign role-based access to users, teams, and others for specific orders and projects. You can also create exceptions and create custom key-pairs provide another means to fine-tune ad campaigns.

Administrative settings can be found on the Tools menu or from Account Settings.

Tools Menu

  • Targeting - (Custom Parameters) Administrators can create key-value pairs for ad targeting.
  • Exclusions - Enable administrators to set competitive and ad exclusions.
  • Advertisers & Agencies - View, manage and create advertisers or agencies.
  • Contacts - Provide detailed information about the contact person for advertisers and agencies.

Account Settings

  • Account Settings - Provide detailed information about an organization's Account IDs, network, currency, time zones, and whether the account is enabled to access APIs and SSP Monetization.
  • Users - Assign users to teams or define roles that specify their access and permission levels.
  • Roles - Grant permission to access and change data for a specific function; for example, Order or Inventory administrators.
  • Teams Manage groups of users who perform similar tasks, like ad ops or sales leads.