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Ad Unit Groups are similar ad units bundled together to create a logical collection of specific ad units. Placing similar ad units into an ad group makes it easier to apply them to line items, as you only need to ad the group once, rather than each individual ad unit.

Accessing Ad Unit Groups

  1. Select Inventory | Ad Units from the main navigation menu.
  2. Select the Ad Unit Groups tab.

Creating Ad Unit Groups

  1. Click Create Ad Unit Group.
  2. Complete the Ad Unit Group Details and Assign Ad Units to the Group.

Ad Unit Group Details

  1. Enter a Name for this ad unit group (255 characters maximum). Each name must be unique in the Unified Ad Server system.
  2. Enter a Description for this ad unit. The description should help distinguish it from other ad units groups.

Add Ad Units to the Group

Filter by Ad Types and Ad Sizes

  1. To filter the list of available ad units to select from, click the Select box next to Ad Types and/or Ad Sizes to view the list of available types or sizes.
  2. Click each in the list you want to use to filter or enter it in the Search box to locate it. (To deselect an ad type or size, click the X next to it.) 

    Use the Select All/Clear All buttons to take action on all ad types.
  3. Click Done to save your selection. The list of available ad units will now match the ad type/size selection.

Select Ad Units to Include in the Group

  1. From the list of Available Ad Units, click each ad unit name (do not click the number to the left of the name) to include in the Ad Unit Group. (To deselect an ad unit, click the X next to it.)

    Use the Add Filtered/Remove Filtered buttons to take action on all selected ad units.
  2. You can filter ad units by name, for example, all ad units that start with SFO:
  • Use the Search box to filter Available Ad Units.
  • Use the Search box to filter Selected Ad Units.
  1. Click Save.