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Creatives are the media assets associated with an ad, such as an image, text, or video file.


  • Select Inventory | Creatives from the main navigation.
  • Locate a Creative by browsing the page or using the Find box to search by Creative name or Advertiser name. 
  • To view additional filters, click More Filters to filter by one or m ore type, specific line item, status or advertiser.
  • To take action on an individual line item, select the option in the Actions menu to the right. From this menu you can:
    • View, edit or copy a creative.
    • Link a creative to a creative.
    • Activate/Deactivate a creative.
  • To change the status of several creatives simultaneously:
  1. Click Manager List to activate the check boxes to the left of each creative.
  2. Select the line items that need to be managed.
  3. Use the Actions menu above the line items to activate/deactivate a creative.